Your options for support

If you have checked out the Docs and don’t see what you need, you can get support from our friendly staff by following one of the links below:

  • Free Support – we offer free support for the Business Manager plugin. The support forum can be found over at the plugin repository and we usually jump on to answer questions there every couple of days. Support response times can vary between a few hours up to a few days, depending on our workload. But we do aim to keep support times to a minimum.
  • Paid Support – (COMING SOON) for super urgent support that can also include us logging in directly to your site to diagnose and fix issues, we offer paid support. Response times are obviously much faster with paid support. We can’t offer guaranteed response times but it is always within a day and usually within an hour or two. Our business hours are 7am – 9pm (USA) Mountain Standard Time.
  • Extension Support – if you have purchased an extension from us, we offer free ongoing support for your the extension(s) you have purchased as well as the main Business Manager plugin. Paid Support & Extension Support are on the same tier and will receive the same priority. You can create a Support Ticket here if you have purchased an extension and require support.


Don’t see the features you need?

Post your feature ideas and help us grow what Business Manager Plugin can do for you!