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Business Manager is a free ERP Plugin that transforms your WordPress dashboard into a command centre. Manage employees, leaves, clients and their projects, track business assets and contractors’ information all from your Dashboard.

Business Manager Overview

Business Manager elevates the functionality of your WordPress site by transforming it into a comprehensive HR, CRM, and Project Management entity.

WP ERP facilitates the administration of projects, clientele, workforce, documents, among numerous other tasks, with a simple series of clicks you can transform an ordinary WordPress installation into an ERP and Business Management system.

HR Management

Enhance employee management with our open-source ERP plugin. Features include employee lists, detailed personnel files, performance reviews, department assignments, leave management, and time-off system.

Client Management & CRM

Supercharge client satisfaction with our ERP plugin for WordPress. Effortlessly manage client info: website, contacts, logos, docs, appointments, and communication history.

Project Management

Boost your business success with our free WordPress ERP Plugin. Features: project progress tracking, start/end dates, hours estimation, file uploads, and task assignments. Never miss a beat!

Document Management

Supercharge your business with our WordPress doc management system. Create, manage, version, and secure docs with ease. Plus, enjoy powerful search capabilities

Discover ERP plugin extensions.

The Business Manager includes multiple extensions that can be seamlessly added with the base plugin, enhancing its capabilities to a greater extent giving your business management everything it needs.

Custom Fields

Custom fields extension is our most powerful tool to enhance the capabilities of core plugin and extensions, it allows you to add custom fields and tabs anywhere you want to streamline your business.


Get your company’s contractor management on point with our contractors extension.

Track all the crucial details like addresses, contact info, work descriptions, payment schedules, and files for each contractor with ease.

Asset Manager

Track, manage, and conquer your assets with Asset Manager extension for WordPress ERP. Keep tabs on purchase dates, prices, warranties, services, locations, ownership and more

All-in-One Bundle

We offer All in One Bundle that comes with all of our three extensions with a good discount.

Business Manager is a free ERP Plugin for WordPress.

It has a dedicated design and development team and currently in process of developing, testing and releasing more add-ons.