With the Contractors extension, track multiple pieces of personal and employment information for each of your company’s contract workers.

Assign Contractors to Projects and Departments

Gives you ability to add contractors to your business manager which can be assigned to specific projects and departments.

Unlimited Contractors

Add as many contractors as you like, custom fields and tabs can also be added for each contractor if custom field extension is enabled.

Contractor specific documentation

Add complete details of each contractor such as, hourly rate, tax ID and more.

Contractors Management

The extension lets you keep track of the contractor’s address details, contact information, work descriptions, pay rates and requirements, and more. Add an unlimited number of contractors and include files and documents specific to each as well as a running list of notes.

The Contractors extension is simple to use and integrates perfectly with the Business Manager plugin. The extension for Contractors also seamlessly integrates with our Custom Field extension, allowing you to add unlimited custom fields to each contractor.