Asset Manager

Asset Manager allows you to add unlimited assets to your business, It also allows you to track details of every asset such as serial number, title and to whom the asset is assigned to in the company.

Barcode generation for each asset

Generate a unique bar code that can be download or printed for each of your assets.

Assign assets to employees or departments

You can assign multiple assets to employees or specific custom departments.

Sorting, Searching and Filtering options

Complete search, sort and filtering control over assets.

Custom Status Options for Assets

You can add multiple custom status to each asset such as expired, used, in warranty etc.

Multiple photo options

Add multiple photos to easily identify asset.

Warranty, Service and other details

Add complete warranty and servicing details such as, warranty expiry, notes and history

Add Custom Notes

Add any other custom details that you need via detailed notes.

Integrates with Custom Field Extension

Like all of our other extensions, asset manager can be extended via custom fields and tabs.

Asset Manager for ERP

is so simple to use and integrates perfectly with the Business Manager plugin to provide a complete WordPress Asset Management System.

The Asset Manager extension also seamlessly integrates with our Custom Field extension, allowing you to add unlimited custom fields to assets.