Track your company’s contract workers using the Contractors extension

With the Contractors extension, track multiple pieces of personal and employment information for each of your company’s contract workers. The extension lets you keep track of the contractor’s address details, contact information, work descriptions, pay rates and requirements, and more. Add an unlimited number of contractors and include files and documents specific to each as well as a running list of notes.

The Contractors extension is simple to use and integrates perfectly with the Business Manager plugin. The extension for Contractors also seamlessly integrates with our Custom Field extension, allowing you to add unlimited custom fields to each contractor entry.

Screenshots (Click to view larger)

In the list view, you are able to search, filter, and sort contractors to help find exactly who you are looking for at a glance.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited contractors
  • Assign contractors to departments
  • Assign contractors to projects
  • Include contractor specific documents and contracts
  • Add notes
  • Sort, filter & search contractors
  • Works perfectly with the Custom Fields extension

Just like the main Business Manager plugin, the Contractors extension is built “the WordPress way.” There are no extra database tables added, no complex or custom database queries, and it is extremely developer-friendly.