As on August 2019, the management and development of the Business Manager plugin for WordPress has been taken over by Link Software LLC. We’ll be documenting our planned changes to the plugin (and its extensions) here for those that wish to keep up with us during development.

Employee Logins

The next major release of Business Manager will see the addition of optional login accounts for each employee. These login accounts will be built on top of the WordPress account system, with a Business Manager specific role, and will form the foundation for many new features down the line such as:

  • Employee Access Controls
    Individual module access can be granted to each employee on a case-by-case basis. This way admins can limit HR employees to only Employee related sections of the plugins, team members to Projects, etc.
  • Employee Leave Requests
    Once an employee has their own login they will be able to submit and review their personal leave requests without help or access to an admin account.
  • Filtered Projects by Assignment
    Logged in employees will be able to access and edit any and all Projects that they are currently assigned to without help or access to an admin account.

Multi-Language Support

Business Manager needs to have better support for multiple languages. There is currently no means to translate the plugin into a non-English language. Support will be coming for this in a future release.